ReOx Medical Services, LLC is a family owned and operated Medical equiptment Repair Company

About ReOx

Todd and Nancy Shaw started ReOx Medical Services, LLC in February 2009 in the beautiful mountains of Woodland Park, CO. Nancy has 5 years experience in Pharmacy and medical billing prior to working with ReOx. Todd has worked in the DME supply industry since 1996. While in the DME industry, we always struggled with timely, cost-effective equipment repairs.

In todays DME supply market, Equipment providers are faced with rising distribution costs, and asset acquisition costs while experiencing unprecedented reimbursement cuts. Our extensive experience and DME management has given us first-hand knowledge of the importance of asset management in a difficult industry.

ReOx Medical Services, LLC was started to eliminate this struggle for our customers. ReOx has established the lowest repair rates in the industry, and can develop customized repair rates and turnaround times for your situation. Our low cost and our ability to customize solutions for our customers was established to help you keep your assets in service rather than retiring them to a landfill. ReOx Medical wants to alleviate asset management from your duties so you can focus on achieving your goals.

ReOx Medical employs factory trained and certified technicians. We research and employ the most current factory training in addition to applicable industry standards to ensure your assets receive the most qualified service available.

BBB Rating: A+

Reox Medical Services, LLC Currently Serves 300+ Customers in 23 States Including Hawaii!

Our rapid growth is a reflection of our values and our commitment to our customers


ReOx Medical is a family owned company that supports and encourages our staff to value their workplace and their time away from work.  We provide a friendly autonomous work environment to encourage our employees to reach their full potential and enjoy the time they spend at work.  We encourage employees to spend quality time with friends and family and are flexible in ensuring that our employees have time available to meet their personal goals away from work.

Green Efforts

Despite our best efforts to keep assets in service and out of landfills, there always becomes a time when it is appropriate for an asset to be retired. When this situation arises, ReOx will make every effort to use as many used parts such as cases to repair your equipment and reduce repair costs.  Components that wear out may not be re-usable, but ReOx Medical takes these components to recycling facilities to do our part in reducing waste in landfills, and giving materials new life.

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